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Google Street View car spotted in Senegal!

After Nigeria, Senegal is also getting a gen 4 Google Street View car!

Today on Twitter user @djigane posted a picture of a gen 4 Trekker mounted on a pickup in Dakar, Senegal:

After Nigeria, Senegal is another African country getting an update with the newest generation of camera! The greater Dakar area is another place that changed quite a lot since the publication of the current Street View coverage, notably the new administrative area in the east that still looks like empty fields on Google Maps. This new update will surely bring in more accurate pictures and data for Google Maps users.

It looks like Google is finally speeding up on imagery collection after a couple of years with very few interesting updates. Maybe Apple rolling out more countries on his Look Around service is pushing Google to work harder again? This new competition may be the reason why Google drives in so many countries this year, even if it is mostly for updates than covering new places.

With new cameras found in Senegal and Nigeria, maybe Ghana (the other covered country in Western Africa) will also get some update? We can always hope that new places and countries around will be added to Google Street View. Stay tuned!