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[UPDATED] Will Google Street View come to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

An update of Google's list of future coverage suggests this country to be added to the service
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Update 2024/05/08: Google Street View cars are now officially driving in the country! Four cars from the Netherlands were transported to Sarajevo and locals spotted the cars driving around the capital.

Update 2024/03/23: Google updated the list and now displays Bosnia and Herzegovina as a future destination for Google Street View on its official website. Sarajevo was also added in the list of the cities.

Yesterday Google updated the list of the future coverage and, along the usual updates that are made every year for the regular countries, new entries were added in the file used by the official Street View website to display the list of the countries:

A snapshot of the file loaded by the Street View website showing entries for Bosnia and Herzegovina

As you can see on this snapshot of the file, Google added Bosnia and Herzegovina to the list of countries where Street View cars will drive in 2024. This fits the driver job position that was posted earlier this month by DeRisk, a company working with Google to hire drivers:

The job offer for a driving position in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Currently the country is not visible on the website as the entries are not published yet (the “publish: No” is only for the visibility in the list, not for the publication on Google Maps), probably because this mission will not start before April. Therefore, there is no confirmation yet for the realization of this project. The best way to be sure is to have pictures of the cars driving in Bosnia and Herzegovina posted on internet, ideally ones that can be geolocated. An official statement from Google can also appear at some point.

How much of the country will be covered? While it is impossible to tell exactly which area will be added, Google listed various cities for the two major subdivisions (Brčko is left out). Strangely, Sarajevo is not in the list, but it would be surprising to not have the capital added to Street View as the job offer is based there. By placing the cities on a map, we can see an arc following the borders with Croatia and Serbia. While it is unknown if the unlisted areas will also be covered or not, the listed areas already cover a large part of the country.

A map of the cities listed by Google

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the latest European countries where no Street View exist, along with Cyprus, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Vatican (Belarus already has some views in Minsk). If Google does drive there using their own gen 4 cameras, this would fill one of the rare areas lacking of coverage. Indeed, since Google added most of Germany on Street View, the remaining areas with poor coverage in Europe are now the Balkans, and on a line from Belarus to Azerbaijan, as shown in red on this map:

The areas in Europe with poor coverage, in red (Russia not included)

Will this new country be the starting point of a new expansion in the Balkans? Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and also Albania, all have partial gen 3 coverage. All these countries were covered 8-10 years ago, and are in dire need of an update. Hopefully Google will make a huge come back in this region. In the meanwhile, we need to wait until April or May and see if Google actually drives regular cars with gen 4 cameras in Bosnia and Herzegovina.