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Google Street View comes to Paraguay and returns to the Faroe Islands

One new country and another has its first Gen 4 at the same time!

Today was probably one of the craziest days in Google Street View: We received a spotting in Paraguay, Faroe Islands and new Mongolia Trekkers released. You can read more on the Mongolia Trekkers on our Twitter at but the main focus is on Faroe Islands and Paraguay.

šŸ‡µšŸ‡¾ Paraguay

Google Street View Truck in AsunciĆ³n

Today, the Google Street View truck was spotted in Paraguay, in AsunciĆ³n, the capital of the country. The truck was spotted in the neighborhood of Las Lomas, southwest of the airport and near the east of the city. Paraguay is one the last few Latin American countries without coverage, along with Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras and El Salvador, with El Salvador recently being announced to have future coverage. Paraguay was a huge gap in Google Street View, as all of it’s neighbors had coverage and they used to have several spills, although these were deleted. With Google updating El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama, we can possibly get more countries, such as Uruguay. It seems Google has been focusing in this region, along with the Middle East and Africa and it is quite shocking that they are only releasing this now,

UPDATE: Several spottings of the Google Truck were spotted in Paraguay, in the capital of AsunciĆ³n and the neighboring city of Luque in the Central Department, which possibly means they are covering multiple departments, although Luque is just next to AsunciĆ³n. We’ve also confirmed that there are at least three Google Maps pickups driving in Paraguay, meaning we could get faster coverage than expected.

Google Maps trucks in Luque

šŸ‡«šŸ‡“ Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands will receive their first Gen 4 in the town of Leirvik, on the island of Eysturoy in the north of the country. We can also assume that they’ve probably driven a decent portion of the country as it’s not the largest town. With this spotting, the Faroe Islands will be one of the only places in Europe with Gen 4 Pickup. The Faroe Islands also have a tiny population, which means Google is interested in updating smaller islands and countries, we could possibly receive Iceland and Greenland updates soon, but as the Gen 3 coverage was asked by the Faroese government, so it may just be for this country only. It is currently known that a third-party is involved in doing this coverage, but this third-party company is currently unknown.

Here’s another article specifically on this coverage:

Google Street View Truck in the Faroe Islands

It is quite amazing how we managed to get two major country spottings in just a couple of hours and this is a good sign that Google will be expanding more in the next few days, but we can only hope and we might just get a new bad cam country. Google is possibly receiving a couple of major countries in a couple of days.

Also, Thanks to Alex* for making the featured image and Aedan, macca and Pizz for finding information about this coverage.