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Google Street View List Update – 2022/01/21

A list update happened. Discover the changes that occurred.

Two weeks after the first update of the year Google did another update. This one was mostly done to clean the list which is something usually done every new year. Many countries were removed but some of them should come back in a future update, and a few remaining countries were simply extended for the whole year.

Extended countries for the whole year: Flag of Chile Chile, Flag of Colombia Colombia, Mexican flag Mexico, US Flag USA

Removed countries: Flag of Austria Austria, Flag of Belgium Belgium, Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria, Flag of Finland Finland, Flag of Greece Greece, Hong Kong Hong Kong, Flag of Hungary Hungary, Flag of Latvia Latvia, Flag of Netherlands Netherlands (except Amsterdam), Flag of Romania Romania, Flag of Slovenia Slovenia, Flag of Slovakia Slovakia, Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Switzerland Switzerland

Canadian flag Canada: the country was removed except Ontario and British Columbia which are extended for the whole year. The other provinces should come back in March. As no update happened yet Google probably didn’t drive in Yukon last year despite of it being listed, maybe they will do it this year.

Brazilian flag Brazil: the existing entries were extended to March and the state of Espirito Santo was added as well.

Flag of South Africa South Africa: Google removed the wrong entries such as the old Kruger NP entry along with the duplicated entries.

That’s it for this update. Thank you for reading and see you next time!