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Google Street View List Update – 2021/11/26

A list update happened. Discover the changes that occurred.

Almost one month after the previous update, Google finally did changes to the list.

The following countries are extended to the end of the year: Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden. The other changes are:

Flag of Austria Austria is extended to the beginning of December.

Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria is extended to the end of November.

Flag of Chile Chile: the town of Temuco is added to the list. This is a good thing as it means Google plans to update more than just Santiago. The choice is a bit surprising as Temuco is not the second biggest city of Chile but it is still a welcomed addition.

Flag of Slovakia Slovakia is extended to November.

Still nothing planned for 2022 yet but this should come in the next weeks.

That’s it for this update, see you next time!