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Google Street View List Update – 2021/09/24

A list update happened. Discover the changes that occurred.

Almost one month the list finally got another update. This time we got something very interesting: Chile is back in the list! It’s been around 6 years since Google drove cars there so this is great news! Here is the full list of the changes:

Flag of Argentina Argentina: Santa Fe province was removed from the list (finished in June).

Brazilian flag Brazil: the states of Bahia, Ceara, Pernambuco and Santa Catarina were added to the list.

Canadian flag Canada: New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were added to the list. Cars were already seen in those provinces this month.

Flag of Chile Chile is finally getting an update with Santiago added to the list. With more than 3 months planned it is possible they will drive in the whole metropolitan region. Nothing is known about more areas to be updated later.

Flag of Colombia Colombia:
– Floridablanca in Santander was removed from the list.
– Itagüí in Antioquia was removed from the list.
– Girardot in Cundinamarca was added to the list.

Flag of Estonia Estonia was removed from the list. It was supposed to end in September so possible that Google already finished their update. However Latvia that was supposed to be finished in August is still in the list and possible that the wrong country was removed.

Flag of France France is extended from September to October.

Flag of Ireland Ireland extended up to November.

Mexican flag Mexico:
– Quintana Roo: removed from the list
– San Luis Potosi: now up to October instead of November
– Campeche: extended to October
– Chiapas: extended to November
– Coahuila: removed from the list (finished in August)
– Aguascalientes: extended to December
– Durango: extended to October
– Hidalgo: extended to December
– Veracruz: removed from the list (finished in August instead of October)
– Tabasco: extended to December
– Zacatecas: removed from the list (finished in September instead of October)
– Oaxaca: removed from the list (finished in September instead of August)
– Chihuahua: extended to November
– Sonora: extended to November
– Yucatán: extended to December
– Baja South: removed from the list (finished in September instead of August)
– Guanajuato: extended to December
– Tlaxcala: removed from the list (finished in August)

Flag of Portugal Portugal: all the continental part is added back to the list up to December. Islands are not back unfortunately.

Flag of Singapore Singapore duplicate entry is back. We do not know why it exists but we suspect it is for off-road or indoor coverage.

Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom is extended up to December.

That’s it for this update, see you next time!