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Google Street View List Update – 2021/06/28

Every time Google updates the list of places that are going to be covered by the Street View cars we do a brief summary of what changed and see if new places are coming on Street View.

Today the list was updated with two changes:


The districts of Braga and Bragança were removed which was to be expected as they were supposed to be finished in April. Porto, Madeira and Azores still remain listed as the cars continue to run here.


Big news! The Yukon territory was added to the list. This territory never received an update since 2009 and is stuck with old, obsolete imagery taken with the second generation of cameras. After 12 years this update will finally bring new high quality pictures of this beautiful place.

The listed locations to be visited by cars are:

  • Whitehorse: the largest city which already had a good coverage. New developments made since 2009 lack of coverage.
  • Watson Lake: at the junction between YT-1 and YT-4, only the main road going through it is covered with a broken coverage.
  • Teslin: only the YT-1 highway crossing it is covered.
  • Mayo: this remote town is already covered but some parts around the airport are missing.
  • Haines Junction: at the junction of YT-1 and YT-3, most of the town is covered.
  • Faro: this remote town is not covered at all yet, only the YT-4 passing nearby is. We can expect a new place to come on Street View here.
  • Dawson: the northernmost listed place, with already a decent coverage.
  • Carmacks: at the junction between YT-2 and YT-4, most parts of the town has coverage.

Here is a map showing in red the roads that should be updated according to the towns listed:

Yukon Update
Yukon Update

As usual Google can decide to cover more or less places than what is listed. We can also speculate on additional places such as the roads in British Columbia leading to Yukon if the cars come from the south, or the YT-4 route being fully covered if the car goes back to the south from Faro. The YT-1 may be fully updated as well as it is the main route leading to Alaska. As for YT-9 and the Dempster highway going to the north they are unlikely to be updated.

The cars are planned to drive between June and August and the release could happen at the end of the year or in early 2022.

That’s all for this time. See you on the next list update!